Process Roadmap

Downtown Mendocino
Downtown Mendocino

Project Coordination: The Development Process

Project Coordination is responsible for synchronizing three of the six evolutions of the private property development process:
Permitting (4. Ministerial Approvals), Inspections (5. Construction), and
Post-construction Maintenance (6. Monitoring).


Zoning – Private Property Development Evolutions

1. Define Project -. Permitting requirements depend on the scope of the project: new, remodel, repair, demolition, subdivision, etc. Clearly defining the scope will readily identify the required elements in each of the evolutions of the development process.

2. Site Information – Permitting requirements also depend on location-related constraints: land use/ flood/ seismic/ fire zone, contamination/geotechnical remediation, creek/ tree protection, etc. The required approvals and permits will vary depending on the project’s physical location.

3. Discretionary Approvals – Permitting requirements are determined by state, regional, and City development regulations, including facade design, infrastructure regulations, building tips and more flood zones.

Building Services – Private Property Development Evolutions

4. Ministerial Approvals – Project Coordination provides selected permitting services, including mapping the permitting process, organizing inter-agency meetings, approving construction management plans, Council agenda scheduling, and preparing matrices for zoning condition milestones and green building management.

5. Construction – Project Coordination provides selected inspection services, including approving hours of work and inspecting zoning conditions.

6. Monitoring – Project Coordination provides selected post-construction monitoring services, including approving green building management certifications and releasing landscaping bonds.